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An Important Message from the Administrators of Ozfind that relates to you


Please read this carefully relating to Main Submission Guidelines: especially if you are looking for a free lunch or bodgy link submitter - please don't waste your time - this directory is HUMAN EDITED - no rubbish goes through.

THE GUIDING PRINCIPLES ARE HIGH QUALITY AUSTRALIAN WEB DIRECTORY.  We actually don't really care about the money because we make money elsewhere, so you can't buy your way into this directory. This directory will be passed down to younger generations. It is a labour of love. We would rather stay small and have people say it is a quality directory than grow massive with spammy sites. 

0. Due to the high number of rejected reciprocal links that did not follow submission guidelines we are considering removing this feature. Your reciprocal link can be checked automatically by us for continuous validity, so if you take it down later, you will take your site out of our directory, usually spammy sites do this so no loss of quality for us.

0a. We welcome major retailers, online businesses, Australian Corporates, NPOs, religious organisations, small to medium enterprise

1. Your site has to be from Australia - etc no exceptions unless you happen to be one of the people that decided to save money and make a .com domain your address even though you are fully Australian focused.

1a: Do not use as a reciprocal link - this directory is human edited - your business does not look professional if you try this - instant deletion and ban.

2. Even if you give us a reciprocal link and it is not from Australia it will not be accepted - no exceptions

3. If your reciprocal link is not from your main domain (not a subdomain) it will not be accepted

4. If you try to submit a site using a reciprocal link from the google cache of our site, from a third party site, from a blogger blog or anything other than a link from the main domain it will not only be not accepted but will never be allowed in this directory again regardless of payment.

5. If you try to circumvent the payment system to obtain a free link your site will instantly be removed

6. If your site relates to anything illegal or morally objectionable your site will not be accepted.

7. No refunds are possible after payment has been made provided we display the link

8. If you mention us and provide a link to us in an article directory or somewhere the links are followed, not no follow attribute and send us the link to that as your reciprocal link, this may be accepted in lieu of a reciprocal link, provided the link is stable and valid and of decent quality. If you do this and additionally pay for a regular link, your site will be upgraded to featured link for no charge as long as that link remains active. This is all at the administrators discretion.

9. If your link submission is too spammy it will not be accepted.

10. If you do anything weird that we don't like that has not been covered your link will not be accepted.


We make an effort to review as many submissions as possible, but we cannot always accept every submission. When submitting, please provide an accurate and grammatically correct title and description for your link. The title and description should reflect the content that a user would find on your site. Your site should not display popups, or attempt to install any software on the user\'s computer. Your site should be complete with all links working, and with a generous amount of content. If your site is new, please consider making sure it is both complete and worthwhile to a potential user before submitting to the directory. Finally, sites containing content that is not legal in all parts of the World, or is not legally viewed by children may not be accepted. Thanks for doing your part to submit a quality site that users of this directory will love, as this will be good for your site, and our directory. Thanks so much for your quality submission!